You tell on yourself

You tell on yourself
By the friends you seek,
By the manner in which you speak;
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of every dollar or dime.

You tell what you are
By the things you wear,
By the spirit by which your burdens you bear;
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By the records you play on your phonograph.

You can tell what you are
By the way you talk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat;
By so simple a thing as what you eat,

By the books you choose from a well-defined shelf.
In these ways and more, you tell on yourself.
So there is really not a particle of sense
In your efforts to keep up your false pretense.

You tell on yourself.

—Author unknown

Jakarta udah lebih aman

Setelah pulang ke Jakarta selama beberapa minggu gue bisa menyimpulkan kalo Jakarta sudah lebih aman.

Kenapa? Smartphone.

Kita bicara kalangan bawah. Banyak sekali yang sudah pakai smartphone, mau pembantu, tukang ojek, tukang pijit, tukang kayu, tukang tukang, semua bisa punya smartphone yang bagus dan harga terjangkau. Hal ini merubah mental. Kalo 6 tahun lalu mungkin gue bakalan takut buat keluarin hp Nokia 6600 gue di depan umum karena maklum takut dijambret. Sekarang semua orang sudah punya smartphone, jadi buat apa lagi mereka punya rasa dengki? Buat apa lagi mereka ingin mencuri? Toh, lebih seru tongkrongin Twitter ato chat BBM dan LINE daripada ber iri hati. Sekarang semua kalangan di tempat umum gue lihat oke-oke aja keluarin hp Samsung mereka yang gede bener di tengah jalan. Ditengah jalan pun banyak orang nunduk dengan autis ngeliatin hp nya.

Jaman semakin berubah. Sudah semakin banyak kalangan bawah yang masuk kelas-menengah. Apalagi dengan adanya akses Internet, informasi apapun akan lebih mudah untuk didapati. Wawasan pun jadi luas, pengetahuan pun bertambah, dan bangsa yang pintar adalah bangsa yang maju. Dengan mengecilnya jarak jenjang sosial diantara kalangan atas, bawah, dan tengah, maka taraf hidup pun akan meningkat. Penduduk berkecukupan, bangsa pun akan aman.

Mungkin dampak smartphone atas keamanan bangsa belom banyak berperan, tapi negara ini sudah menuju arah yang lebih baik.

PS: Kalo di daerah yang agak kumuh atau buruk ya jangan bebal keluarin hp sembarangan toh.. Akal sehat.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Just watch your breathing. Take a minute or two not to worry about your life or your problems and just breathe in and out. The way the air goes through your nostrils and into your lungs, and how it goes back out seamlessly through your nostrils again. Breathe in again, but try holding your breath for a few seconds and observe your body carefully. Do it once, then twice, then just keep going.

That very moment when you breathe, each moment, is all we have really. We get caught up in all the worries in life: work, family, spouse, friends, health, wealth; it’s endless. Try breathing and look inside. Wherever you go the only constant thing you bring is yourself. Learn to live with you. Breathe.

White tee

I don’t want to worry about what I wear everyday. I have other (better) things to worry about and it seems most appropriate to narrow the choices. I decided with one apparel.

The white t-shirt.

It’s classic. Clean. Versatile. Sensible.

When I get home after work, I will change into a white tee. The weekends? White tee. Casual dinner? White tee.

I own about 5 white tees for normal use, and another 4 for sleeping. The ones I use to sleep are either baggy or tight, with a scoop neck, worn out, old, or any other ugly form that would make me refrain from wearing it in public. The normal ones are the ones with good fit.

Of course, the white tee cannot replace my entire wardrobe. I cannot work in an corporate environment with a white tee (unless you work in a uber-cool company). I cannot go to a wedding with a white tee. And I probably shouldn’t do gardening with a white tee.

But for the rest of the time, I can. It’s a sensible default and it’s versatile. If it’s cold I could just put on a jacket or hoodie. I can pair it with blue jeans, black jeans, salmon chinos, khakis, you name it.

I still wear casual shirts and different coloured tees, depending on the occasion and mood. But my default would be a white t-shirt. Simple.

The goal is to narrow your choices and use the best available option (this applies to any product or service you use) and then not worrying about it. It becomes a part of you.

Now you can focus on making better, useful, and remarkable decisions.

People get tired

…too easily.

The results you expect are proportionate to the effort you put in. And most people just don’t want to put in the work. Discomfort is uncomfortable but necessary.

I’ve heard people complain about rich people who seem to have everything spooned ever since. No. You don’t know the story behind the hard work and effort they put in to reach the amount of wealth or power they have achieved. The sleepless nights and perseverance. The patience. The determination. The focus.

Don’t rest. Take a break, but push on. Forward.

Jack of all trades

My mother’s little brother, or uncle as we call it, told me once: “A guy needs to be able to do everything.” He was a handy guy who was able to do everything from cooking, fixing cars, tinkering with sound-systems, painting, swimming, dancing, seducing, and more.

But there’s a problem. He didn’t master any of those. He could do everything but he wasn’t an expert in any one field.

It got me thinking, the greats of this world didn’t arrive there by being a jack-of-all-trades. They all had one thing they had mastered or created, to be remarkable. Above others. Indispensable.

Imagine if Michael Jordan stopped midway and started his career in Baseball or Golf early. He wouldn’t have been the Basketball great we all know today.

Knowing your way around everything, a man should be. But to become an indispensable great, world-class, remarkable, you will have to be master at one thing. Become an expert beyond all means in that one field. And successful you shall be.